Sample Annotated Bibliography Entry for the Dr. Mac Format:

The Death Penalty: An Annotated Bibliography

Reibstein, Larry, and Ginny Carroll.  "A High-Volume Execution."  Newsweek 5 June 1993:

44-46.  This article details the crime, arrest, trial, and pending execution of three

Arkansas men convicted of murder.  The history of the case, including details of the

crime and ensuing trial, is provided.  In addition, the legal issues involved in the trail

are given substantial attention, particularly the dispute over witnesses and

testimony.  In  fact one witness to the murder, Vickie Lehman, was hypnotized:

"Defense lawyers discovered that prosecutors, without disclosing it at the trial, had

hired an entertainer to hypnotize Vickie Lehman" (Reibstein and Carroll 44).  This

example of the undisclosed hypnotism by an entertainer allows the authors to prove

that there are flaws in the present judicial system.  The authors of this piece do a

substantial job of objectively reviewing the facts in the case.  They prove that their

story is credible with the use of various court documents and personal testimonies

from all of the parties involved.  As a result, Reibstein and Carroll show that the

death penalty is not an objective and fair system.  I will use this source to help

formulate the third point of view that  with substantial reforms, the death penalty might

one day be an adequate form of deterrence, but as the system is presently

implemented, it is not a viable option. 

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