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Is Online Learning Right for Me?

Students who are new to online learning should complete this short (10-question) quiz to determine if you have the study habits, skills, and equipment needed to succeed as an online student.

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer each question honestly, then click submit to see your results. Be sure to print your results and bring them to your advising session. Your advisor will go over your results with you and help you choose courses that work best for you.

I want to take an online class because...
I like to take on new challenges and follow them through to completion
attending class at home in my pajamas sounds fun
my schedule is so busy that I don't have time to take a class on campus
When my instructor assigns a research paper, I usually...
go to the library and ask for help
wait until just before the deadline, because I work best under pressure
get started early and work steadily so I can complete it before it is due
If I forget when an assignment is due, I usually...
wait for a reminder from the instructor
check the syllabus or course web site first
email the instructor immediately and ask
When I need an important document, I usually...
can't find it and have no idea where to look
have an idea where to look, but it may take me a while to find it
know exactly where it is and can find it without a lot of effort
When an instructor hands out an assignment, I can usually...
read over the directions and know what to do
figure it out by asking questions
understand it after the instructor goes over it and explains it
Online classes appeal to me because...
I'm so busy that online courses are the only ones that fit in my schedule
I like the flexibility of an online course and understand that it's a lot of work so I will manage my time accordingly
I waited until the last day to register and the online course was the only section open
Which of the following best describes your home computer set up?
My home computer is 6 or 7 years old, and/or I have dial-up internet access
I bought a home computer within the past few years and have reliable, high-speed internet access
I don't have a computer that works right now so I use one at school, work or a friend's house
If my computer isn't working quite right, I usually...
ask my neighbor's kid to fix it
search on Google or troubleshoot to find a solution
use a computer at school, work or a friend's house
I expect that I will need to log in to my online course and check my email...
once a week
just about every day
I don't have an email account, but will log in to the course site as often as possible
I am confident I can learn well online because...
i luv 2 txt msg & hang out N FB :-)
I have the self-discipline to make my own study schedule and stick to it
I would rather play computer games than read books