English 111 Textbook for DTCC

This chart will help you find themes and rhetorical techniques used by the authors when creating their essays.
Title Author Selection  Pages Section of Text Strategies 1 Strategies 2 Strategies 3 Strategies 4 Themes 1 Themes 2 Themes 3 Theme 4 A Very Brief Summary
She: Portrait of the Essay as a Warm Body  Cynthia Ozick A359 8 Instructional   Definition Persuasion   Ed&Learning Lang&Writing Gender&Sexuality   Distinguishes the genuine essay from its meeker cousins
How to Mark a Book  Mortimer Adler A246 5 Instructional Description Definition Class&Division   Ed&Learning Lang&Writing Popular Culture   Describes how to read a book by responding to the text in writing
On Keeping a Notebook Joan Didion A022 8 Instructional Decsription Definition       Lang&Writing Coming of Age   Discusses the pieces of a writer's notebook and the influence on her life 
Writing  William Stafford A076 3 Instructional   Definition       Lang&Writing Work&Leisure   Argues that writing is not a skill but rather a continuous process of discovery w/ emerging patterns
Writer's Block, IMAGE Henry Martin A521 2 Instructional Description Persuasion Class&Division   Work&Leisure Lang&Writing     Offers a pun on the meaning of the word block
The Act of Writing: One Manís Method William Zinsser A290 7 Instructional   Example Cause&Effect Process Analysis Ed&Learning Lang&Writing Work&Leisure   Discovers that writing with a word processor makes it easier for him to edit his work
How to Say Nothing in 500 Words Paul Roberts A272 13 Instructional Comp&Contrast Example Process Analysis   Ed&Learning Lang&Writing Work&Leisure   Advises students on how to avoid writing the typical vacuous 500-word college essay
My Article is Complete!, IMAGE Lynn Johnston A469 2 Instructional Comp&Contrast Definition Process Analysis   Work&Leisure Lang&Writing Science&Tech   Compares deadlines in both his professional and personal life
The Maker's Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscripts Donald M. Murray A061 5 Instructional Comp&Contrast Definition     Ed&Learning Lang&Writing     Describes how writers approach the revision process 
Notes on Punctuation Lewis Thomas A079 4 Instructional   Example Class&Division   Ed&Learning Lang&Writing     A playful tour of English punctuation
Summons for Reckless Grammar, IMAGE Michael Maslin A522 2 Instructional Narration Cause&Effect     Ed&Learning Lang&Writing Politics&Society   Pokes fun at strict grammar rules and those who advocate them
What is Intelligence, Anyway? Isaac Asimov A003 2 Education Definition       Ed&Learning Science&Tech     Discusses the different types of intelligence
School vs. Education Russell Baker A007 3 Education Definition Comp&Contrast     Ed&Learning Work&Leisure     Discusses the fact that real education comes through living
The Case Against College Caroline Bird A098 4 Education Definition  Persuasion Cause&Effect   Ed&Learning Ethics&Values Work&Leisure   Argues that college is not for everyone
The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society Jonathan Kozol A051 9 Education Description Persuasion     Ed&Learning Ehtics&Values     Explains the effects of illiteracy on everyone in society
Those Who Can't, Test Brian Doherty A345 7 Education   Persuasion Cause&Effect   Ed&Learning Culture&Diversity     Argues that the SAT is an ineffective indicator of academic aptitude that reinforces prejudices
The Big Score  Daniel McGinn A418 6 Education Description   Cause&Effect   Ed&Learning   Politics &Society   Talks about the increased use of high-stakes standardized tests in public education
The Perils of Obedience  Stanley Milgram A058 15 Education Definition Persusasion Example   Ed&Learning Ethics&Values Science&Tech   Creates an experiment to see how far people will go when obeying orders
Table 8 "Resegregation in American Schools" Harvard Education Group  A473 2 Race/Culture Comp&Contrast Persuasion Cause&Effect     Culture&Diversity Ethics&Value Politics&Society Strongly suggests that segregation is returning to the US South
The Handicap of Definition William Raspberry A134 3 Race/Culture Definition Persuasion Example     Culture&Diversity Work&Leisure   Explores the dangers in certain definitions of "blackness"
The Fear of Losing a Culture Richard Rodriguez A071 4 Race/Culture Definition   Comp&Contrast     Culture&Diversity   Popular Culture Claims that American culture is being redefined
Black Men and Public Space Brent Staples A146 4 Race/Culture   Narration Example Cause&Effect   Culture&Diversity Politics&Society Family&Comm Explores people's reactions to his presence
If Black English Isn't a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is? James Baldwin A010 4 Race/Culture Narration Description Example   Ed&Learning Culture&Diversity     Argues that Black English has its own pure form
How it Feels to be Colored Me Zora Neale Hurston,  A041 5 Race/Culture Narration Definition     Ed&Learning Culture&Diversity Lang&Writing   Describes in a personal way what it means to be black
The Struggle to be an All-American Girl  Elizabeth Wong A158 3 Race/ Culture Narration Comp&Contrast       Culture&Diversity Lang&Writing Family&Comm Discusses childhood rejection of customs & adulthood regrets of assimulation
Femininity  Susan Brownmiller A014 2 Gender Definition Description Comp&Contrast   Gen&Sexuality Ethics&Values     Discusses the willingness of women to create themselves in the image of their culture
A First Amendment Junkie  Susan Jacoby A113 4 Gender Definition Persuasion     Gen&Sexuality Ethics&Values     Argues that feminists ought not advocate censoring pornography
About Men Gretel Ehrlich A212 4 Gender Cause&Effect Description     Gen&Sexuality Work&Leisure     Describes the qualities that make a cowboy
Itís a Girl  Kathleen Fackelmann A384 5 Gender Cause&Effect Process Analysis Persuasion   Gen&Sexuality Ethics&Value Science&Tech Family&Comm Argues that parents can-and must-pick the traits of their children to be
Supermodel IMAGE Jack Ohman A504 2 Gender Description Example Persuasion   Gen&Sexuality Work&Leisure Popular Culture   Discusses the extremes aspiring models must go in order to be considered attractive
Future Shlock Neil Postman A069 10 Science/Tech Persuasion Example     Ed&Learning Popular Culture     Expresses his worries about the effects of TV on our ability to think critically
Ever Since Frankenstein Edward Tenner A332 15 Science/Tech   Example Process Analysis Cause&Effect Ed&Learning Science&Tech Work&Leisure   Explains that advances in science have their natural and contrary opposites
Take My Privacy Please, Please David Pogue A516 3 Science/Tech Description Persuasion Process Analysis   Science&Tech Work&Leisure     Asserts that the risks to privacy posed by the Internet are exaggerated
Why We Should Go to Mars Kim Stanley Robinson A428 3 Science/Tech Description Persuasion Example Cause&Effect Ed&Learning Science&Tech     Argues that sending humans to Mars will teach us just as much about Earth
Filling the Open Mind in the Information Age IMAGE Wiley Miller A506 2 Science/Tech Definition Narration Comp&Contrast   Ed&Learning Politics&Society Ethics&Values   Satirizes Americans' resistance to information that challenges their own views
Speech on the Signing of the Treaty of Port Elliott, 1855  Chief Seattle A100 4 Classics Persuasion Cause&Effect     Culture&Diversity Politics&Society Ethics&Values   Pleads for the fair treatment of a defeated and overwhelmed culture
The Allegory of the Cave Plato A128 5 Classics Definition Narration     Ed&Learning   Ethics&Values   Offers a parable that dramatizes the differences between the physical and the ideal
A Modest Proposal Jonathan Swift A078 9 Classics Persuasion Cause&Effect Example Proccess Analysis Culture&Diversity Politics&Society Ethics&Values   A classic essay that uses satire to suggest a solution to Ireland's poverty
Reading the River Mark Twain A081 2 Classics Description   Comp&Contrast   Ed&Learning Work&Leisure Nature   Explores how the science of the riverboat captain destroys the beauty and mystery of the river
Letter from Birmingham Jail Martin Luther King, Jr. A048 20 Classics Persuasion Definition     Culture&Diversity Ethics&Values     Argues for the righteousness of civil disobedience
Neat people vs. Sloppy People Suzanne Britt Jordan A044 3 Classics   Definition Comp&Contrast     Ethics&Values   Family&Comm Uses humor to characterize human nature
Theme for English B Langston Hughes A408 2 Classics Description Example Comp&Contrast   Ed&Learning Lang&Writing Culture&Diversity   Comments on the irony of a teacher's vague assignment

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