About the Program

The purpose of the Single Parent Program is to assist single parent-students to earn their degree, diploma, or certificate by offsetting some of their childcare expenses. Students choose their childcare providers and the providers are paid directly each month.


Applicants must be single parents who are admitted to an eligible Durham Tech college program, attend full- or part-time, and meet the following eligibility requirements:

At the time of application, students must have completed a minimum of one semester at Durham Tech successfully. New students or students in their FIRST semester are not eligible. Students returning to Durham Tech after an absence may be required to complete a minimum of one current semester to establish eligibility.
Applicants’ transcripts should demonstrate success with their classes and meet Satisfactory Academic Progress.
Students should be in good standing regarding federal financial aid.
Note: Any student who has a bachelor’s degree is not eligible for assistance. Students who have an associate’s degree will be considered but may not be awarded assistance based on the applicant pool and available funding.


  • Awards are contingent upon successful completion of current semester courses.
  • Current childcare recipients will be given priority consideration for the subsequent semester.
  • Courses outside of a student’s program do not count toward childcare awards.
  • Online courses do not count toward childcare awards.
  • Current Single Parent Program students may not be granted assistance for children born after initial acceptance by the Single Parent program.

Student Responsibilities

Students who accept assistance from the Single Parent Program are required to:

  1. Meet with the Single Parent Program coordinator at the beginning of the semester.
  2. Fulfill all requirements of their classes.
  3. Contact the coordinator if they are having difficulty meeting class requirements
  4. Contact the coordinator about any changes to their class schedule or childcare arrangements.
  5. Complete and return all requested paperwork and forms by their deadlines.

Students who do not fulfill their responsibilities may be denied Single Parent Program assistance for at least one subsequent semester.

Award Decisions

The following factors are considered in making award decisions:

  • Availability of funds and the applicant pool – Funding is limited and can vary from semester to semester. All students who are eligible for the program may not receive an award. Awards may be less than the amount requested.
  • Academic performance and student conduct – Applicants should meet satisfactory academic progress and/or show evidence of success with their program of study, and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct. Faculty recommendations are strongly considered and must be satisfactory at minimum.
  • Financial need – Considerations include employment status and other assistance applicants receive.
  • Current situation – Each student’s circumstances are evaluated individually. Factors also include the children’s ages and student’s class schedule.

If you withdraw from a class while receiving child care assistance

  • Students are required to notify the Single Parent Program coordinator immediately.
  • The child care award may be adjusted.
  • The Single Parent Program may not pay for repeated classes.

If you have questions, contact the program administrator, Karen Mosley-Lyon, in the Counseling Office, Wynn 10-209.