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What is Sakai?

Sakai is a system for accessing course materials online. Instructors use Sakai in a variety of ways – for example, to provide course information, handouts, assignments, tests, grades, or online discussions.

What computer hardware and software do I need to use Sakai?

To access a course on Sakai you need:

  • a computer (PC or Mac) with high-speed Internet access
  • an email address
    • Note: Credit students must use their ConnectMail email account (provided by Durham Tech)
  • a reasonably current web browser (Firefox or Chrome are recommended) - Download Firefox or Chrome
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled (How to enable javascript and cookies)

How do I log in to Sakai?

Credit students

To log in to Sakai, you will use the SAME user id and password you use for WebAdvisor!

Your Sakai user id is the same as your WebAdvisor user id.
Format: last name + first initial + last 4 digits of your Durham Tech ID number (Example: doej1234)

  • If your last name is long, your user id contains only the first 15 characters
  • User ids do not contain spaces, hyphens, or other special characters

Your Sakai password is the same as your WebAdvisor password.

Non-credit students

The first time you use Durham Tech’s Sakai system, you must set up your password. For complete instructions, see this handout:

What if I forget my password?

IMPORTANT: Changing your Sakai password automatically changes your WebAdvisor and ConnectMail passwords too.

Need help resetting your password?

What do I do after logging in?

Sakai Tutorial

The first time you log in, a brief tutorial appears that gives basic info about using Sakai. After closing the tutorial, you can access it again at any time by clicking the User icon at the top right corner of the screen.

My Workspace

Each time you log into Sakai, you land in "My Workspace," an area where you can access your courses and store private files. My Workspace also displays an aggregated Calendar and Recent Announcements from all of your course sites.

Verify your email address in Sakai

The first time you log in: Click on Account on the left to verify your email address. Emails your instructor sends to you through Sakai will go to this address.

How do I access my course in Sakai?

Click on the More Sites link at the top of the screen to see a list of all course sites you have access to. Then click on any course title to go into that course.

When I log in to Sakai I don't see all my courses listed, why?

Course sites on Sakai usually become available on the course start date to students who have registered and paid.

If you don't see your course listed in Sakai, check with your instructor to make sure he/she is using Sakai and to find out when he/she will make the course site visible to students.

Where do I go for help?

See Contact Sakai Support