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What is Jing?

The concept of Jing is the always-ready program that instantly captures and shares images and video... from your computer to anywhere. Try it, you'll like it. It's free.

Why do instructors use Jing?

  • They use Jing to create a screen shot or a picture of what is displayed on your computer screen:
    • Show a picture of a diagram or process and add it to Word, PowerPoint or Sakai
    • Provide a roadmap to a part of your course for your students
    • Show your students how to make screen shots, so they can show instead of tell you about a problem
  • They use Jing to create a screencast or a video recording of actions that occur on your computer screen:
    • Instructors introduce themselves to their students
    • Provide tours of the “online” parts of their class
    • Explain concepts and demonstrate how to perform math, science or computer lab assignments

Getting Started

  • Write a script for your video!
  • Check out an intro video and/or screen shots/written instructions of "How to use Jing"
    • Visit the Jing web site to download the product at home; contact IT to download on your work computer. Or try it out in Tech Center 952.
    • The Jing Learning Center has great tutorials and tips to help you get started using Jing.
    • When you install Jing, you create a id, where you can store your video and share the link. You can also upload Jing videos to YouTube.
    • Share the link to your script, too!
  • Hardware Needed for Screencasting:
    • Use a microphone, headset, or webcam for recording audio
    • Use your computer speakers or headset to listen to audio

How do you add Jing screenshots and screencasts to Sakai?

Ideas and Examples for Using Jing

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